Welcome to Art Collect.


Greetings and salutations my fellow men and women of the internet, thank you for taking your extremely underrated time, and checking out my first ever blog! I originally had all of these witty, slightly pretentious ideas that would be my opening lines for this tiny little blog of mine, but then I discovered that my thoughts … Continue reading Welcome to Art Collect.


Top Ten 2018 Indie Bands

Pretentious people seem to have this idea that older music is far superior to the current scene. Of course, me saying these people are pretentious makes myself pretentious so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. But anyway although I would say that statement is true in terms of most Pop music, some people seem to … Continue reading Top Ten 2018 Indie Bands

Best New Song “To Be Loved” By Askjell Solstrand

As October swiftly drifts by without a sound, I have been paying close attention to my favorite current artist AURORA as she has just recently and elusively dropped her sophomore record Infections of a Different Kind - Step 1 and with it has begun her world tour, starting in Manchester England. Joining her on this tour … Continue reading Best New Song “To Be Loved” By Askjell Solstrand

Florence + The Machine “High As Hope” Review

"The Show Was Ending, And I had started to Crack/Woke Up In Chicago, and the sky turned black/And you're so high, you're so high, you had to be an angel/And I'm so high, I'm so high, I can see an angel" Florence Welch has become one of the most talented and influential voices of 2010s … Continue reading Florence + The Machine “High As Hope” Review

“Infections of a Different Kind – Step 1” Album Review

"Step 1 is a natural Step after my first album, which was about looking into yourself, looking at all of it and accepting all of it. It’s easier to be numb, rather than in contact with your own emotions. That was my biggest mission back then – to make sure that we’re not afraid to feel, … Continue reading “Infections of a Different Kind – Step 1” Album Review

Mitski “Be the Cowboy” Album Review

“The idea of the cowboy is so American—the idea of a man riding into town, wrecking shit, and then walking out like he’s the hero.”  I myself have been a fan of Mitski Miyawaki's work, ever since first hearing "Your Best American Girl" back in a dark year know as 2016, she quickly became one … Continue reading Mitski “Be the Cowboy” Album Review